Natural  Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract.
Biostimulant for development and growth
of the plants and the quality of the fruits


Seaweed extract quality of algamix biostimulant


 We work with the most advanced companies in technology to obtain extracts from algae that grow in one of the purest habitats in the world, such as the North Atlantic.

  Highest quality marine plant ingredients

  Due to the fact that this seaweed suffers a strong climatic stress due to the fact that it is sometimes exposed to the sun and bad weather and other times it is submerged in the frozen waters of the Arctic, it develops active components of the highest quality and purity.

  Highly efficient manufacturing process:

Processing takes place close to harvest areas to keep all properties intact. This process, which meets strict standards of excellence, guarantees that the bioactive compounds that are already present in our fresh raw material are extracted in their purest and most active state.

Ascophyllum nodosum is harvested following a strict process to preserve its quality, with tools and technologies so advanced that they leave the environment completely unchanged.

algas bioestimulantes

Action and benefits


Due to its betaine content, it has a strengthening effect and improves the defense response of the plant against water, thermal or saline stress, as well as its ability to cope with the crisis induced by transplants or grafts.

→  Promotes the growth of shoots and leaves.

→  Increases the fixation of the fruit and its growth through the action of cytokinins.

→  Works against heat, water and salinity stress.

→  Increases crop yield and fruit quality.