that acts as a reducer of oxidative stress

that causes the fall of flowers and fruits

in fruit trees and vegetables





Biostimulant that reduces oxidative stress caused by the low temperatures that take place in the fruit-setting season, reducing the physiological fall of flowers and fruit set.

It exerts a cytoprotective activity acting against the damaging action of oxidative stress by oxidative free radicals, so that:

  prevents premature senescence of the ovary due to oxidative damage (the ovaries do not yellow at the time of fruit setting), thus increasing the longevity and viability of the ovules to be fertilized, increasing the “effective pollination period”

   after fruit setting, it protects the embryonic tissue that can be affected by unfavorable environmental conditions (low temperatures), desiccation or nutritional deficiencies that will cause it to abort

  increases the translocation of photoassimilates from the leaves to the developing organs, thereby significantly reducing the phenomena of physiological fall of flowers and fruits, fixing the fruit, and then proceeding, if necessary, to thinning techniques

  confers homogeneity to physiological processes, thus grouping together the phenomena that induce a grouped harvest

  it does not induce parthenocarpic fruit set, but rather improves the conditions for natural setting to take place, without affecting the shape of the fruits.

Dose in fruit trees

General dose by foliar spray

Applications of 150-200 g / 100 liters of water, with a flow of 800-1000 liters / ha.

Stone fruit trees

Make the first application at the beginning of flowering and the second at 80% open flowers.

Pome fruit trees

Make the first application to 20% of open flowers and the second with visible fruits.


Dosage in melon and watermelon


Foliar applications

150 g / 100 liters of water, with a maximum of 1.5-2 kg per ha.

Perform the first application 4 or 5 days before the introduction of hives or at the beginning of flowering, repeating the treatment after 10-12 days.

Dose in tomato, pepper, zucchini, cucumber


Soil application of 1.5-2 kg / ha every 15 days

Foliar application at a rate of 150-200 g / 100 liters of water with a flow rate of up to 2 kg / ha, every 15 days

In hydroponic crops, applications of 0.5-1 kg / ha and week