• The event brought together around 60 professionals from different clients in the Central American region.
  • This 1st Congress marks the beginning of a new era of union and strengthening of the Central American area, reflecting the trajectory and trust that has been forged over the last 10 years.

LIDA Plant Research, a Valencian biotechnology company, held its 1st LIDA Central America Congress in Antigua Guatemala from 1 to 4 February, bringing together around 60 professionals from its different clients in the Central American region, including Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama, thus fulfilling its objective of attendance and participation, as well as the transfer of knowledge between countries about the results of the different LIDA products.

Undoubtedly, this great event has managed to bring to all attendees in a close way all the knowledge and technology of LIDA products to meet the current challenges of agriculture, leaving multiple spaces to ask questions, listen to specific demands of work areas and offering the possibility of networking in an atmosphere of trust.

Technical programme and leisure activities

During the days of the congress, various high-level technical presentations were given by the LIDA team, where they presented their exclusive phytovaccines and their results, as well as the company’s new launches. On the other hand, customers from the different countries also played a very active role by participating in presentations of success stories of LIDA products achieved in each area. In addition, a special guest speaker, Miguel Barquero (Agricultural Engineer from ICAFE), gave a talk on “Coffee cultivation, new challenges for sustainable disease management”.

The programme also included round table sessions and debates, both managerial and technical, where proposals, needs and concerns could be shared, as well as peculiarities of different crops (horticulture, coffee, rice, sugar cane).

In addition to the technical knowledge, this great event has left spaces for team building through leisure activities, where all attendees were able to share experiences and strengthen relationships while visiting different places in Antigua Guatemala.

With the celebration of this 1st LIDA Central America Congress, values such as continuous research, innovation and trust that form the DNA of LIDA are evident, fulfilling its objective of continuing to offer high level biotechnological product lines in the field of plant health prevention and plant biostimulation.

About LIDA Plant Research

LIDA Plant Research is an agricultural biotechnology company founded in 1987, pioneer in the development, research and commercialisation of new solutions and products for yield improvement and crop protection against different types of stress.

Since 2018 it has been part of the Japanese multinational OAT Agrio, thus consolidating its future and business strategy with the sum of both lines of research and the development of new active substances and solutions oriented towards biostimulants and biocontrol.


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