Nutritional Correctors

Calciolidcalciolid. Organo-mineral complex based on calcium and vegetable protein hydrolysates with special penetrants for treating imbalances in calcium assimilation. Indicated for the first phases of fruit growth, as it strengthens cell tissues. Extends post-harvest life by having a direct action on pectolytic enzymes that degrade the cell wall and soften the fruit, obtaining more consistent fruits.

vitaline plan de nutricion lida plant research

vitalinevitaline. Corrector based on molybdenum and vitamins, with vegetable proteins and natural carbohydrates. It intervenes in the metabolism of nitrogen, specifically in the formation of amino acids and enzymes, providing basic elements that favor the fruit set and fruiting processes.

lidaborlidabor. Boron complexed by ethanolamine and enriched with amino acids of plant origin that effectively promote the mobility and assimilation of boron in the plant. It favors the germination of pollen tubes, improving the size and fertility of pollen grains. Increases and improves the transport of sugars. It regulates the phenol content and restores the hormonal balance, eliminating the necrosis of the growth points in the terminal parts. Improves phosphorus absorption and actively participates in nucleic acid metabolism and protein synthesis.

lidabor plan nutricion lida plant research
lidafol zin manganeso plan nutricion lida plant research

lidafol zinc manganesolidafol Zn Mn. Corrector for zinc and manganese deficiencies. It contains reducing sugars and adjuvants that favor the absorption of these elements through the green organs of the plants, in addition to acting as an extra energy source in the physiological processes involved in the recovery of the green pigments of the leaves.

lidamicroslidamicros. Liquid solution of microelements 100% chelated by EDDHA, DTPA and EDTA

lidamicros plan nutricion lida plant research
melasil plus nutricion vegetal lida plant research

melasil plusmelasil plus. Stabilizer and pH regulator

microkelanmicrokelan. Solid mixture of microelements 100% chelated by EDDHA, DTPA and EDTA

microkelan plan de nutricion lida plant research

ortoferortofer. Iron chelate EDDHA with 5.2% Fe ortho-ortho

talocupertalocuper. Specific action copper

talocuper plan nutricion lida plant research