The benefits of phytovaccines and their advantages for crops

Phytovaccines are the means by which “elicitor” molecules are applied to plants

activating their immune defense system against biotic stress

The plant defense system  is similar to that of mammals, but instead of generating antibodies, it is based on a series of receptors that are found in cells and that when they perceive the presence of a pathogen, they activate their defense system.

When infectious bacteria and fungi interact with plant cells and contact these receptors, the plant resistance immune system is activated.

Phytovaccines® are based on molecules that are specific to the structure of fungi and bacteria. These molecules are like the identity cards of pathogens that as soon as the plant recognizes them it knows how to defend itself against them.

Phytovaccines® are the means by which “elicitor” molecules are applied to plants, activating their immune system and, in this way, they are protected and prepared for when the pathogen arrives.



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Innate immunity is the most effective and robust natural defense system that plants have. Innate immunity involves a series of signaling pathways for biochemical responses different from those known up to now, offering new alternatives to improve the yield and quality of crops, when difficult conditions occur that reduce production.

Its use allows reducing the use of chemical phytosanitary products, thus contributing to a more sustainable and healthy agriculture.

relliance phytovaccineThe phytovaccine Relliance, based on elicitors with vaccine effect, calcium, antioxidants, silicon and betaines, is developed to be applied before harvesting, protects fruits and vegetables, improving their conservation and extending their post-harvest life.

Stemicol® improves the general condition of the plant. It increases the vigor and strengthening of the plant, which allows to obtain a higher crop yield and harvest quality.

FytoSave® It is a new elicitor of the natural defenses of plants against powdery mildew-type diseases. The product is born as a result of the research of the spin-off Fytofend of the University of Namur (Belgium), in collaboration with LIDA Plant Research.

Activane® is a new generation phytovaccine that is based on the ability to amplify defense signals in plants.

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Advantages for crops

The quality and quantity of the final production is increased. They do not provide any toxicity to the crop or generate resistance in pathogens and improve post-harvest quality.

Advantages for the farmer

They improve the profitability of production and reduce treatment costs, since it is not necessary to carry out as many phytosanitary treatments. They are natural products, without residues, without a security period and do not affect the auxiliary fauna. They are the perfect tool for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and safe in its application.

Advantages for the consumer

The end consumer, increasingly demanding with food safety, demands that the entire production process of the food they buy be treated in the most ecological and safe way possible. Both the point of sale or distribution and the end consumer need to have the security of working with products that meet the expectations and demands of the current market.