Innovating with nature

Changing the way of doing agriculture


Biotechnology applied to agriculture

Our products

Changing the way of doing agriculture

Our products are biotechnological solutions that improve the nutritional and health status of crops, providing benefits for the farmer, the consumer and the environment.


Prevention is the best way to protect our crops and our harvests. Phytovaccines are the means by which “elicitor” molecules are applied to plants, activating their immune defense system.

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plant biostimulant

The new culture of stimulation of natural processes that benefit the development and growth of plants. Biostimulants are the perfect complement to get better nutrition and crop protection.

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plant nutrition

Precision nutrition for a balanced crop. Specific products designed to provide the appropriate nutrients for each stage of the crop in the most important phases of the plant’s biological cycle.

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plant protection

Agrotechnological products for the protection of crops. Solutions against pests and diseases, with the aim of maximizing yields, without generating waste problems at harvest.

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What’s New

Innovating with nature

We research and develop new products with the aim of being a world reference in the new vision that science offers in terms of crop protection, through the application of plant vaccines and biostimulants, which will undoubtedly change the landscape and the way of doing agriculture of the next few years.

New line of biostimulants for extensive crops

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Our philosophy

A look at the present and the future

Bringing the benefits of research to the farmer, thus contributing to the generation and transfer of scientific knowledge, for a higher quality agriculture that meets the requirements and demands of society and the environment.

Meet the expectations of producers and farmers.

Respect and cause the minimum environmental impact.

Solving the problems posed by agriculture in the present and in the future.

Invest in Research and Development, creating highly innovative products.