glutabion bioestimulante brotación en frutales, berries y viña



Plant biostimulant

of sprouting in fruit trees,

berries, vine and table grape








Glutabion activates the metabolic processes for obtaining energy necessary to break dormancy and promote sprouting in deciduous fruit trees and vineyards. Glutabion biostimulant manages to give uniformity and precocity in flowering, better fruiting and greater accumulation of sugars.

glutabion on grapes


Glutabion biostimulant treatments lead to larger harvests. Getting to give higher percentages of first quality grapes. Reducing the degree of damage caused by bunch rot.

The use of the biostimulant glutabion results in many bunches of medium size, with a medium / high number of high quality beans.

Glutabion applications close to sprouting lead to further sprout development.

Regarding fertility index. The average application of 15 days before sprouting, results in higher results in sprouting rates, very similar to those achieved with hydrogen cyanamide.

grape bud bioestimulante lida plant

Dose on grapes


→ In cold winters (long accumulated cold hours): 25 kg / ha, in advanced “C” state.

→ For warm winters (few hours of cold accumulated): 30-40 kg / ha, divided into two applications of 15-20 kg / ha, the first being at the beginning of the “C” stage and the second at 7-10 days after.


Sprouting target

→ Homogeneity in budding, flowering and harvest

→ Increased sprouting rate

→ Improved color at harvest

→ Reduction in the number of collection passes.

glutabion on fruit trees

Stone fruit trees

Greater homogeneity in sprouting, harvest, sizes and coloration.

Dose 1.5%, one application with  5% white / pink button

Pome fruit trees

Homogeneity in flowering, higher final production with larger calibers.

Dose 2%, making one application with  5% white button

Cherry, Apricot, Kiwi and berries

Homogeneity in flowering, higher final production with larger calibers.

→ Dose of 1%, making one application at the beginning of sprouting and second application at 7-10 days.

cerezas glutabion