• More than 120 professionals from the sector from all over Mexico gathered at this great event.
  • This 6th National Congress shows the growth and consolidation of LIDA in the Mexican market.

Lida Plant Research, held this past summer, the 6th National Congress of LIDA Mexico in Cancun, bringing together more than 120 professionals from different areas of the country both distributors with their technical and commercial teams, as well as prominent directors of agricultural companies and other partners, which together with the team of LIDA Spain, displaced for the event, enjoyed four days of technical training, and above all, an intimate atmosphere, relaxed and mutual trust, the result of more than 20 years of LIDA presence in the Mexican market.

This important congress is held every two years and allows for in-depth discussion and analysis of the needs, proposals and concerns of the different agricultural areas of Mexico, with their crops and peculiarities, thus meeting, as far as possible, the demands made by the distributors themselves to offer specific alternatives in their own area of work, in addition to those already provided by the extensive catalogue of LIDA products.

Technical training programme and team building

During the days of the event, top-level presentations were given by specialists in the sector on topics such as plant physiology, parasitism in plants, crop nutrition, as well as more specific training oriented towards biostimulation processes and the innate defence mechanisms of plants in relation to the solutions provided by LIDA.

In addition to technical knowledge, the congress was a great opportunity for team building with fun activities, where all attendees were able to share experiences and strengthen relationships.

With the celebration of this 6th National Congress of LIDA DE MEXICO, values such as the continuous research and innovation that characterise LIDA are once again reflected, fulfilling its objective of continuing to offer product lines of high technological level both in the field of plant health prevention and plant biostimulation.

About LIDA Plant Research

LIDA Plant Research (www.lidaplantresearch.com) is an agricultural biotechnology company founded in 1987, pioneer in the development, research and commercialisation of new solutions and products for yield improvement and crop protection against different types of biotic and abiotic stresses.

Since 2018 it has been part of the Japanese multinational OAT Agrio, thus consolidating its future and business strategy with the sum of both lines of research for the development of new active substances and solutions.

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