• BIOFORCE is the perfect synergy between microorganisms and biostimulants.
  • It includes products such as Rental Bioforce, Amonite and Trilobite.

LIDA Plant Research launches to the market the BIOFORCE range, combining the best of LIDA’s research lines of bioactive substances with the benefits of microorganisms.

This range includes products such as Rental Bioforce, with a special formulation based on humic acids from leonardite and seaweed enriched with selected strains of Trichoderma harzianum and Bacillus, as well as other solutions such as Ammonite and Trilobite.

Benefits and differentiation in the market

The biofertilizers of BIOFORCE range, meet the important objective of providing a higher yield to the farmer’s crop.

In addition, its benefits include improved soil vitality, as well as the solubilisation of nutrients and the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, increasing its concentration and availability in the soil, which reduces the use of synthetic fertilisers, thus reducing the carbon footprint and combating soil degradation.

This innovative new range joins the company’s other product lines, such as its renowned phytovaccines, biostimulants and nutritionals, demonstrating the company’s commitment with the continuous research it has been carrying out for more than 35 years.

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About LIDA Plant Research

LIDA Plant Research (www.lidaplantresearch.com) is an agricultural biotechnology company founded in 1987, pioneer in the development, research and commercialisation of new solutions and products for yield improvement and crop protection against different types of  stresses.

Since 2018 it has been part of the Japanese multinational OAT Agrio, thus consolidating its future and business strategy with the sum of both lines of research for the development of new active substances and solutions.

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