• GRAINFOL is the new integral solution for extensive crops.

  • It enhances the quality and quantity of the harvest.

  • This range can also be combined with LIDA phytovaccines.

GRAINFOL, a new range of biostimulants for extensive crops, is the latest launch from agricultural biotech company LIDA Plant Research on the international market, offering advanced effective and cost-efficient solutions to farmers, thereby strengthening its position in sustainable agriculture.

GRAINFOL comprises three main products: Seed, Grow and Yield, which cover the entire crop cycle. They improve seed germination as well as the development, yield and quality of extensive crops, seeking the highest return on investment.

All these biostimulants offer effortless application and excellent mixing compatibility. GRAINFOL meets society’s needs and environmental demands by being a “zero waste” range, reaffirming LIDA’s commitment to more sustainable agriculture that respects the planet.

It should be noted that the application program of these biostimulants can be complemented with other LIDA products, such as phytovaccines, exclusive concept developed by the company.

Distinction and market profitability           

The range of biostimulants GRAINFOL stands out as a whole for being a complete, innovative and effective answer to all the needs of extensive crops, generating optimum agronomic results, with a level of investment that grants an excellent return.

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About LIDA Plant Research

LIDA Plant Research (www.lidaplantresearch.com) is an agricultural biotech company founded in 1987, pioneer in the research, development and commercialisation of innovative solutions and products for yield improvement and crop protection against different types of biotic and abiotic stresses.

Since 2018, it has been part of the Japanese multinational OAT Agrio, thereby consolidating its future and business strategy by combining both lines of research to develop innovative active substances and solutions.

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