Growth activators

engordone. Energetic concentrate for fruit growth. It promotes the synthesis of proteins and enzymes that activate cell growth and division, mobilizing the nutrients of the leaves, stem and roots towards the fruit, acting as an initiator of the process of fattening and ripening of the fruit without causing the degradation of the tissues.

engordone lida plant research
lidavital plan nutricion lida plant research

lidavital. Rooting activator. It reduces the time necessary for the emission of roots and facilitates the rooting of the plants, in addition to reducing the saline effect on the roots.

lidafol-PL. Bloom activator. Special formulation that directly affects the pre-flowering processes, favoring flower induction, activates bud growth, increases hydrocarbon reserves and restores the strong loss of phosphorus during flowering.

lidafolPL plan nutricion lida plant research
lidamino plan nutricion lida plant research

lidamino. Cellular activator of enzymatic processes based on plant amino acids. It promotes the growth and development of the plant at times when it must make a great effort, such as flowering, fruit setting, fattening, after pruning, etc.

lidafol KL. Activator of fruit ripening. It favors the organoleptic metabolic changes that determine the quality of the fruit: size, color, brightness, consistency, sugar content and stability during transport and storage.

lidafolKL plan nutricion lida plant research