Agricultural biostimulants to deal with stress are essential, the arrival of winter with its low temperatures and the increasing consequences of climate change, cause more and more weather phenomena such as rain, frost, which end up affecting the most plants, causing serious damage and reducing the yield of producers’ crops.

Cold stress cause crops to reduce their water and nutrient absorption speed, as this type of stress mainly influences cell membranes, causing them to lose part of their fluidity and permeability, thus reducing the speed of internal translocation of the absorbed solutions.

On the other hand, low temperatures slow down or stop enzymatic activity, reducing the generation of energy in metabolic pathways.

All this is due to the fact that, under these stressful conditions, plants devote their efforts and energy to their most vital functions, leaving those mentioned above in the background.

Agricultural biostimulants to cope with stress: Effective solutions

At LIDA Plant Research we have different solutions for the different factors that can cause this type of stress in crops.

Agricultural biostimulants Primarenc and Norcaren: Maximum efficacy for flower and fruit protection:

Against heavy rain and frosts, it is vital to protect the flowers and fruits of our crops with products such as:

Primarenc, : Agricultural biostimulant with substances that stimulate defences against oxidative stress, natural antioxidants and an exclusive heat stress signaller, which greatly improves the plant’s response to thermal and oxidative stresses in situations such as frosts or periods with a lot of thermal amplitude, preventing tissue damage, such as malformations of buds, flowers or fruit, reducing the death of these organs.

plant bioestimulant primarenc logo

On the other hand, we also have the product Norcaren, an agricultural biostimulant that, when applied to fruit trees, reduces the oxidative stress that causes blossom and fruit drop in fruit trees and vegetables. The low temperatures that occur during the fruit setting period of fruit trees cause a greater physiological fall of flowers and fruit set. This agricultural biostimulant exerts a cytoprotective activity, acting against the damaging action of oxidative stress due to oxidative free radicals.

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Agristren Plus and Ikasu: Preparation against stress and for plant recovery.

Agristren Plus has been developed to help the plant maintain its growth rate and production under water-salt stress conditions. This agricultural biostimulant is recommended to accelerate plant recovery after water stress, also for faster regeneration after possible damage.

biostimulant agristren plus

Ikasu: This is a phyto-regulator of flowering and fruit set, it favours auxin production, pollination and cytoplasmic movements, increasing them by an average of 15%.

Ikasu prevents premature flower drop, optimises the growth of the pollen tube, improving the quality of fruit set and fruit set.

ikasu plant biostimulant

If you want to avoid this type of stress, do not hesitate to contact our team at the following link. They will offer you personalised advice for your problem.


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