Agricultural biostimulants influence soil health by helping to reduce the application of chemical fertilisers and their impact on soil and water, preserving biodiversity and promoting crop yield and quality.

The structural health of the soil is of great importance, as soil fertility and stability ensure the sustainability of the agro-ecological system.

Nowadays, the use of biostimulants is becoming increasingly important, especially after the mandatory reduction targets set by the European Union for 2030 to reduce the use of pesticides in the EU by 50%, in line with the European Green Pact and the Farm to Fork strategy.

This will contribute to building sustainable food systems, ensuring lasting food security and the protection of our health.

Importance of soil in our agriculture:

The amount of fertile soil is key to global food health. According to the FAO, “Sustainable soil management is important to cope with the increasing demand for food caused by population growth.  Its importance lies in the fact that:

– Soil is where food begins, as it is the basis for vegetation.

– It is a living being, full of life, as it is home to a quarter of the planet’s biological diversity, and therefore plays a fundamental role in biodiversity.

– It allows the development of micro-organisms in the soil. These produce a series of benefits, which are reflected in the fertility and health of the soil, allowing plants to better assimilate nutrients.

Soil helps to mitigate climate change and its consequences, as good soil has good water retention and absorption capacity, among other benefits.

Improve Soil Health with LIDA Biostimulants:

As part of our commitment to sustainability and to agriculture that respects the environment and guarantees the future. At LIDA Plant Research we produce products that are committed to the environment and zero waste, which contribute to the care of the soil and our planet.

Within our agricultural biostimulants, we have the BIOFORCE range, which combines microorganisms with biostimulants for the soil, where for example is the product Rental Bioforce; biostimulant that improves the microbiological and physicochemical conditions of the soil, increasing the vigour and health for optimal crop development. Rental bioforce promotes the balance between the soil and the rhizosphere by activating microbial life. It provides numerous benefits including the formation and growth of absorbent roots.

biostimulant rental bioforce

On the other hand, there is Rental, a product that improves the physico-chemical and biological capabilities of the soil and helps to overcome post-transplanting stress or increased root emission in fruit trees after winter dormancy, and Lidavital, which provides a barrier effect on salts that can damage the roots, promoting a high quality crop even in sub-optimal soil conditions.

rental plant biostimulant

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It can be combined in synergistic strategies with Agristren Plus, specifically designed to reduce the negative effects of salinity stress in soils and water, allowing plants to better tolerate salinity and drought, helping the farmer to be able to continue his activity in areas with saline water and/or soils.


biostimulant agristren plus

With these tools, we reduce the impact on the soil, improve root emission, reduce the effect of salts on the roots and stimulate plant tolerance to this type of stress, giving rise to an integrated strategy for soil and crop management, with the aim of improving both.


In short, it can be said that agricultural biostimulants influence the soil health, which plays a key role in our agriculture.

If you would like to commit to good agricultural practices with our agricultural biostimulants, you can contact our technical team, who will offer you the best advice to suit your needs.



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